A Brief History


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Released 2001 Virgin Records

In 2001 Zopf Records and Virgin Records collaborated to make a 5 CD box set charting the hostory of the PCO. One CD, Brief History, is sold separate to the other four, A History, although they are designed as a 5 cd collection with no duplication of tracks between the CD's.

One of the main reasons for doing this box set was to take the opportunity to remaster the main body of work from the original 1/2" tapes using up to date A-D converters which are superior to those used when converting the old albums to CD the first time round. This CD has also been mastered to SACD, please contact us for further information.

1. Bean Fields (Live)
2. Telephone And Rubber Band
3. Music For A Found Harmonium
4. Perpetuum Mobile
5. From The Colonies (Live)
6. Giles Farnaby's Dream (Live)
7. Surface Tension
8. Air À Danser
9. Yodel
10. Numbers 1-4
11. Steady State
12. Paul's Dance
13. Prelude And Yodel (Live)
14. Heartwind
15. White Mischief
16. Dirt
17. Rosasolis
18. Organum
19. Lullaby

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